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                                                                                                         Officer Complaint Procedure

The Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department is responsible for protecting citizens, detecting crime, regulating traffic, and dealing with a variety of neighborhood problems. To protect both citizens and the police, all complaints against police officers shall be investigated thoroughly and objectively.

In most instances, we believe Buffalo Valley Regional Police officers work in partnership with citizens and that our contacts with citizens are positive. To insure we function efficiently while maintaining the rights of the citizens we protect, Buffalo Valley Regional Police Officers are trained to follow a series of policies and procedures, and work within the guidelines of local, state, and federal laws. Because of the nature of law enforcement, we also understand that citizens on occasion may object to the actions of the police or may feel their conduct is inappropriate. Therefore, we have established procedures for citizens to report their concerns to the Department.

Citizens may make a formal complaint to the Buffalo Valley Regional Police by submission of a “Complaint Statement Form” to the Department via email, fax, US mail or in person.

Email: [email protected]  Fax:  570-524-4128. 

Mailing Address:  1610 Industrial Blvd. – Ste 500, Lewisburg, PA  17837

Upon receipt of a citizen complaint every effort is made to ensure a thorough, fair, and timely investigation of the allegation(s) contained in the complaint. The Chief of Police or an Assigned Investigator will contact you regarding the Complaint.

To protect innocent officers from receiving unwarranted and often injurious publicity in disciplinary cases, the information contained in disciplinary reports will be securely safeguarded.

An objective investigation will serve to support the police officer that is endeavoring to do his/her job properly and relieve them of the fear of punishment for allegations, which are un-sustained.

A police officer is a responsible person and must answer for a crime like any other citizen. To protect such an individual against disciplinary action is a perversion of the fraternal spirit that exists in police service and undermines the confidence of the public in its police organization.

The Buffalo Valley Regional Police are fully justified in utilizing all investigative procedures and techniques which are legally available to it in ferreting our criminal violations or violations of Department regulations.

The need for a variety of continuous checks to assure compliance with established procedures is recognized. An awareness that such a check is being made should not constitute an affront to the police officer, but rather a reminder of the sensitive nature of their work and the need for maintaining high standards in his/her chosen profession.


Complaint Statement Form